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Submersible Motors

Submersible-MotorMascot Pumps Ltd has expertise in Submersible pumps & Submersible Motors. The profound experience gained over the years, has helped Mascot Pumps to develop Rugged, Efficient & Reliable Borehole Submersible Motor for Global markets.

Starting from 4” to 10” Water filled Submersible Motor also called Rewindable Submersible Motors due to it designed for easy Rewinding of Submersible Motors.


Submersible Motor Body

Made from High Grade Cast Iron Submersible Motor, we also offer option of Stainless Steel Submersible Motors for Corrosive liquid condition.

Thrust Bearing

All Borehole Submersible motors have special designed Thrust beading for Submersible motors. The Carbon Disc & Stainless Steel Pad can take high Thrust load. We also provide Tilted pad bearing and arrangement for Vertical / Horizontal working on request.

Bush Bearing

Mascot Submersible motor are fitted with Carbon Bush Bearing / LTB Bronze Bush bearing based on market demand. The Bearing surface is finely machined and Ground for best efficiency.

Rewindable Winding

All Submersible motor made by Mascot are Submersible rewindable motor. The Winding wire for Submersible pump Motors is also manufactured by Mascot in house. The PVC / PP Winding wire for Submersible rewindable motor are made from 99% O2 ETP process Copper.

Copper Rotor

Squirrel Cage motor with 99% pure Copper and Silicon Steel to give you best efficiency and Torque for the Submersible Bore well motors.