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uPVC Column Pipe / PVC Bore pipe

Column PipeMascot pumps Ltd, provides complete Borehole Pumping Solution to its customer, so that you can have seamless supply and assured quality. Mascot uPVC Column pipe are made out of the best grade of UPVC without metals Safe for Drinking water.

Mascot Pipes for Submersible pump application are carefully designed taking in to consideration following Load and stress condition that could be applied on the Column Pipe.

a) Tensile Load due to Weight of Complete installation and water column.
b) Hydostatic Pressure during working of the Submersible pump.
c) Torque on the pipe while starting of the Submersible pumpset.

In addition the Column pipe are design to work at ambient water temp of 45Deg C with out thermal stress of the pipe thus giving same solid strength.

Mascot uPVC Column pipes are fitted with Permanent Couple on one End. Thus, the Bore pipe will with stand the torque and will not open during the operation. The Bore pipe has special technology to permanently lock the couple with Column pipe.

All Column pips are having high Friction Square thread and Nit-rile Rubber O Ring that provide 100% leak proof joint.