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Open Well Submersible Pump

Mascot Open well Submersible pumps or Monoset Pump are Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps with Wet motor or Water filled Rewindable motor. Thus, this pump become Centrifugal submersible pump.

Application of Open Well Submersible Pump

Specification of Open well Submersible pump / Monoset Pump

Power Range: 0.37kW to 30kW ( 0.5hp to 40hP)
Voltage Range: Single Phase 200 – 240V, Three Phase – 380 – 415V
Frequency: 50 Hz.
Speed: 2880 RPM
Protection: IP 58
Insulation: Class B
Duty: Continuous. S1.
Max Start per hr: 6 times.
Max. Head: 300 mt
Max. Flow: 230 m3/hr

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