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Centrifugal Pumps / Monoblock pumps

Centrifugal Pump
Mascot design and develop Centrifugal Monoblock pumps / Garden pumps in 1ph for Small farms, Gardens, Domestic water supply. These 0.5 hp to 3 hp centrifugal Monoblock pumps are designed to work at wide voltage range from 120 to 240 Volts (depending on models) and can work up head of 30 mt.

The Self priming pumps also called centripetal pumps are designed to suck water from far distance with out NRV / Foot valve. Mainly used as domestic pump or Garden pump, they are widely popular model for drinking water supply.

Salient Feature Centrifugal Monoblock pump

Specification of Monobock pumps

Power Range: 0.37kW to 2.2kW
Voltage Range: 230V +10 – 15%
Frequency: 50 Hz.
Speed: 2900 RPM
Protection: IP 54
Insulation: Class B
Duty: Continuous. S1.

Application of Monoblock pumps

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V3 Centrifugal Mono Block Pumps